OrgInsight provides an entirely new perspective to analyze and understand your workforce. Senior executives and human resources can quickly and easily study troves of data in one place: interact with it, sort, filter, isolate, and ultimately make smarter, more informed decisions. These data are packaged according to organizational studies and goals, or available to provide a complete panoramic perspective.

92,000 employees in this multinational company are displayed and instantly accessible. Capture workforces in the hundreds or hundreds-of-thousands. In this example, operations (in blue) has been opened up to reveal groups and individual employees. Users can easily dive into divisions while maintaining the bigger picture.

Sunburst and Icicle: two different perspectives.

“OrgInsight provides me with a holistic understanding of the Nokia workforce. I can quickly and easily evaluate vast amounts of data to gain unique organizational insight and drill in on the hotspots using the same solution.”
- Juha Äkräs, Executive Vice President, Human Resources, Nokia

Next, we color the workforce data onto the structure. Compensation ratio, spans of control, or job grade, any employee data can be aggregated, orchestrated, studied, and compared in one interface. Here, spans of control between 13 and 23 are illuminated. Distribution is shown on top; concentrations are shown in the icicle.

How do I get up-and-running?
We’ll visualize your Core HR data in OrgInsight, which can be delivered in a matter of days. With OrgInsight+, other associated HR data can be added to bring more breadth to your workforce analysis. Your data may include, but is not limited to:

Employee Details: Name, Age, Gender, Nationality, Tenure, Time in Position, Job Grade, Level, Expatriates, Employment Type, Span of Control, Job Family.

Organization Design: Divisions, Business Units, Countries, States, Regions, Offices, Campuses.

Talent Management: Education, Training Days, Key Position Holders, Risk and Impact on Leaving, Skills and Qualifications, Performance Metrics, Performance Ratios, Mobility, Relocation.

Compensation and Benefits: Compensation Ratios, Tertile.

Attrition, Recruitment, Retention: Termination Types and Reasons, Tenure, Times in Position, Open Positions, Employee Satisfaction, Employee Engagement Index.

More: Diversity, Absenteeism, Budget Levels, Approval Authority, Cost Centers, Overtime Hours, Data Quality Issues, Range Exclusions. Just about anything. Just about anything.

Combine attributes (e.g., show those with high job grades and low spans of control, or those being under-compensated and high impact).

See distribution across layers of the workforce and easily compare over time.

Monitor the metrics that matter the most to you before diving into the visuals.

Monitor the metrics that matter the most to you before diving into the visuals.

Develop new insight through free exploration. Drive studies through focused, high-resolution data packages.

Secure, Cloud-Based, and Hosted by SAP

OrgInsight and OrgInsight+ data is on-demand and delivered through the secure SAP HANA platform. Your existing security protocols and single sign-on systems that are supported by SAP are easily accommodated by our solution. OrgInsight can be found in the SAP App Center for existing SAP HANA customers, or can be subscribed to directly from Macromicro.

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